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Like everywhere in the world, Tokonosu City had transformed into hell: previously, the streets were full of laughing citizens enjoying every aspect of their lives, stores and other businesses were completely functional, and the pleasant weather served only to enhance the ambience.  This atmosphere was ripped apart by a killer pandemic which curtailed the lifespan of normal people, and reanimated "them" into empty, hollow bodies. It had taken less than a few days for this highly contagious disease to spread around the world reducing billions of humans to mere hundreds.  However, even though hell had certainly arrived, hope still lives on in the survivors who fight for their very lives.

In one area of Tokonosu lay a neighborhood with colorful houses, white fences, and a narrow road with yellow dashes that served for transportation.  Luckily, this area prior to the Outbreak of the virus wasn't very dense in population, and as a result few of"them" were raised from the dead.  This was one of the reasons as to why the survivor's group named "Takashi's Group" had recently arrived seeking our shelter, supplies, and weapons. It was imperative for them to constantly keep moving in order to stumble across survivors, find a means of communication that transmitted crucial news, or just simply survive in this degenerating world.  The group was perched at the entrance of the neighborhood hiding in an alleyway in case any of "them" were lurking about.

"Listen up! I want us to quietly scout the road ahead to make sure they aren't too many of those undead things walking about and secure a house. Got it?" Takashi murmured in a crouched position.  

Nodding with acknowledgment, the group decided to use a  new formation they had been practicing: the non-combatants Shizuka, Alice, and Takagi would stick in the middle while the others would cover four points two in back and two in front. Walking through the entrance of the town, they quietly as one walked across the road daring not to make a single sound. Even with the constant reminder of "them" the neighborhood was quite pleasant; houses of varying color stretched down to the horizon, large trees and bushes grew on the pavement providing some nice scenery, and the scent of sweet things drifted in the air.   Finally, after aggravating movements of stopping and walking, they had discovered a nice blue and white house to rest in; the house had two floors with crystal clear windows, a high fence complete with a gate, and no drifting silhouettes in the house itself.

However, much to the group's dismay, some of "them" were patrolling the outside of the safe haven and wouldn't budge from their spots. Takashi's grip on his shotgun tightened as he raised the barrel at his enemies.  A gentle hand delivered an anxious motion attracting his attention; Saeko Busujima slowly shook her head as she drew her sword.  Before she could completely dash forward Takashi could see a mysterious glint in her blue eyes.  "They" tried to attack with an innate speed constantly swinging their disease ridden arms and biting aimlessly.  With a terrifying spin, Saeko master of the blade engaged "them" in a deadly dance full of teeth, arms, and steel. She flowed from dead to dead with an apex of a warrior's speed cutting them down with no remorse.  When the last body fell victim to the sword's bite, it became apparent that the group greatly admired Saeko's proficiency with the katana but instantly froze.

Something was wrong with the wielder of the wind-cutter: her chest was heaving abnormally almost in excited gasps, her blue eyes were widened into unfocused globes of sapphire, and her sword was closely gripped in her hand. Oh no… She's fallen to her sadistic side… I have to protect them! Takashi thought.   Letting loose a malevolent grin, Saeko leaped forward with her blade at the ready to strike down her former comrades, and was met with the counterbalanced force of Takashi's metal bat.  Convolving in an unregistered pattern, she displayed incredible ferocity in her quick jabs and strikes cutting Takashi. Against the more agile woman, he had a difficult time striking her down especially with the clumsy bat. Every time a wound was struck, Saeko's demeanor became more and more dauntless not even bothering to hold back against her friend.

Outmatched and outpaced, Takashi received multiple cuts across his face and chest foreshadowing the danger of a possible death if he didn't end this quickly.  Focusing on the movement of the sword, Takashi waited until the last jab was over grabbing the hilt of the blade, and smashing Saeko's wrist with the bat engulfing her clouded mind with pain. Taking advantage of the distraction, he moved in close swiftly disarming her, and pulling her into a close embrace. Time seemed to slow down as the bloodlust disappeared from Saeko's personality; her eyes returned to normal as well as her breathing displaying shock on her face.  The unexpected hug seemed to alleviate the tension between them as Takashi whispered things into her ear that calmed her down considerably.  Finally, the strain of her body came so quickly that she had only time to whisper back "Thank You" before falling unconscious.  

"Argh… Everyone get inside quickly and find a suitable bed for Saeko, we've been through a lot today…" Takashi said thickly through a mouth of blood.
Hey guys and galls!
Its been a long time since I wrote a fanfiction about HOTD and I think this is my first attempt! I just had a great idea for the series last night at 12! :DDDD Hope you enjoy the first chapter, it could be a bit boring, hopefully it'll be better next chapter!
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