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The Finality of Death by irenukia

In a piece of art one of the most important things that an artist can hope to achieve is how much of an impact their work can have to the audience overall, in addition to the sub-subjects of technique, vision, and whatnaught. I must admit I have seen many artworks in my time on this website and they are different but related to their chosen theme, Irenukia, this is an impressive piece of work and after reviewing this work you have a left an amazing impression on this person. In short, the effort and time that has been placed into this creation is clearly reflected the hearts of your fans, as well as I.

For the subject of Vision, I gave you a 4/5 because I believe that in this creation you have captured the very theme of the final moments before death as well as self-sacrifice of a shinobi, which is a theme that majorly reoccurs throughout the entire manga and anime series of Naruto. The theme is very prevalent throughout the piece of art and is communicated very well in my opinion, giving a lasting impact.

For the subject of Originality, I gave you a score of 4.5/5 because it surprised me to see something like this when relating to Neji's death. Usually in a death-scene-like-picture, you can see the entire body of the character combined with a horrible background of sentimental emotions, however, here in this picture all you can see is Neji's head with a white background which in my opinion represents the after-life of some kind. In this sense, the art is very original, and I like it very much.

For the subject of Technique, I gave you a 5/5 because to me that aspect was the best out of all four criteria on the arts here in this picture. Clearly, you have the hands of a master artist, the face is done in such a way that it can be considered real, and the detail placed in the eyes provide a striking core to anyone who looks onto the art. In addition, the coloring of such a piece is magnificent, and overall it is well-done.

For the subject of Impact, I gave you a 4.5/5 because as earlier mentioned this art affected really deep within my heart, as one of my favorite characters, Neji had a lot of potential yet was underdeveloped much to my frustration but here it looks like he can die in peace. If the impact can be long and good, then the art is good.

Overall, Irenukia, this is a fabulous piece of art deserving a long critical review, and in the future produce more of these pieces. It is quite obvious you have a good eye for this and boast a good deal of talent. Congrats, you have earned a favorite, and it is saved. :)
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irenukia Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow ;A; THank you so much for the long review :hug: I'm so glad that you like it, I'm super flattered :heart:
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